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Map of Pai

Map of Pai

For those travelers who desire to stay at the Baan Pai Roong Guest House you may download directions for traveling to Pai District For more detailed directions customers should contact Baan Pai Roong Guest House directly. For preliminary directions please go to the following: Contact Baan Pai Roong Guest House

Detailed map of Pai with information
The guest house is centrally located near the bus terminal and is convenient for walking, shopping for local crafts, going out in the evening and ready access to many agencies conducting reasonably priced special tours of the area. Following is a typical room at the Baan Pai Roong. View room at Baan Pai Roong

Traveling to Pai: The charming place of early morning fog

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Map of Pai
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The scenic views of the natural surrondings from Baan Pai Roong Guest House

You may select views of Pai and pictures that convey the atmosphere at Baan Pai Roong Guest House showing the clean modern guest rooms and through these pictures gain a feeling of the warm welcome at the guest house. Views of Pai and the guest house



This is an exclusive boutique guest house build in the Lanna Thai style and located in Pai, a town famed for its beautiful early morning fog.
Baan Pai Roong is a charming boutique guest house located in the heart of Pai. You will hear the soothing sound of the Pai River nearby.
The Baan Pai Roong Guest House in located on the pedestrian street in the center of Pai and convenient for shopping.

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