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Information about Pai and Baan Pai Roong



Information about Pai and Baan Pai Roong

It is desirable to have a basic understanding of Pai before we undertake a trip to Pai. Following is information about the area. Pai District is located in Mae Hong Son Province and is a very old town dating far back in history. There have been people living here since the time of the Lanna Kingdom at the time of King Mengrai. The center of the route of travel is in Tambol Wiang Nua. At that time Chiang Mai was the center. Later on Pai was deserted at the same time as Chiang Mai lost power. After that time Pai flourished as a village and later on was developed to become Pai District by many people who moved in from other areas according to history. During the time of the Lanna Kingdom Pai was called Baan Don.

Where are Wiang Nua and Wiang Tai?

This is a brief introduction to Pai, Baan Pai Roong and the unique atmosphere that exists on the hilltops surrounding the town. There are bamboo forests on the hills around Pai and two rivers that flow through town; the Pai River and the Muang River.

According to early records the first ruler was Khun Sang Pai in the era of king Hotara of the Lanna Kingdom, who was the ruler of Chiang Mai. King Hotara sent the one of the princes to survey the border areas to find a place to establish a new town. This survey expedition found that the geography was very interesting and suggested that Khun Sang Pai, the head of the area at that time, move the town to the west bank of Pai River because there was a wide, flat plain suitable for establishing a town. Thereafter the people called the town Wiang Tai (southern town) whereas the original town was called Wiang Nua (northern town). Nowadays we know the location of the original Wiang Tai and Wiang Nua.




The Baan Pai Roong Guest House in located on the pedestrian street in the center of Pai and convenient for shopping.
Baan Pai Roong is a charming boutique guest house located in the heart of Pai. You will hear the soothing sound of the Pai River nearby.
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