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Our services will make an everlasting impression on you


Our services will make an everlasting impression on you

When using the name Pai we think of the ancient town but also hidden away by the warmth of this old town is a place diffused with nature in the midst of Mae Hong Son. Even though it is a small town it has many choices of places to stay beginning with very basic ground level bungalows. But for those wanting something fancier there are some very fine places for slightly more money. The slightly increased expenditure is worthwhile when one considers the beautiful views and the comfort. For a truly relaxing vacation in Pai come stay with us at Baan Pai Roong.




This is an exclusive boutique guest house build in the Lanna Thai style and located in Pai, a town famed for its beautiful early morning fog.
The Baan Pai Roong Guest House in located on the pedestrian street in the center of Pai and convenient for shopping.
Baan Pai Roong Guest House: Experience fast efficient reservations by calling the following number: 053-699747

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