JBL TOWER SMART Music Castle AI speaker, 6.1 Start /NationalChip Inside

Release time:2019-05-31

In this new AI revolution storm, intelligent speaker, as the carrier of voice AI, takes the lead in entering the vision of

In this new AI revolution storm, intelligent speaker, as the carrier of voice AI, takes the lead in entering the vision of people, and opens the era of intelligent life. However, with more and more homogeneous products of intelligent speakers, we also put forward higher requirements for sound quality.

On June 1, JBL TOWER SMART Music Castle Intelligent speaker, a brand-new intelligent product of the well-known speaker, was launched on Taobao. It continues the pure lineage of JBL audio and brings users a magnificent experience of "castle".

High fidelity to trendy brand, HIFI to pure sound quality enjoyment

As a professional speaker, JBL TOWER SMART upholds the excellent quality of JBL in terms of sound effect. It has built-in 2.25 inch sinking full-frequency speaker, which keeps the castle high-quality sound effect in high and low three frequencies.

Unique cavity structure can make music propagate around equally. Even if it is not in the same room, it can also present a rather amazing 360-degree sound effect, creating an immersive sound quality experience.

At the same time, JBL TOWER SMART can also use external docks to support analog/coaxial/optical output and other audio output, activate the home HiFi devices, turn the traditional home theater system into intelligent devices that can be controlled by voice, so that the home audio and video life has a better intelligent experience.

Intelligent voice interaction system, omnidirectional family entertainment center

JBL TOWER SMART Music Castle carries Mann voice assistant. Rokid provides the whole stack of voice algorithm and interaction technology. It can achieve up to 96% voiceprint recognition rate and 99% voice wake-up rate, and the distance of far-field voice recognition is more than 5 meters. It really realizes voice control at any time and anywhere.

Not only that, the speaker has built-in full-frequency speaker and four microphone arrays, combined with advanced microphone noise reduction technology, can accurately identify your voice commands, so that the voice commands are accurate.

By calling Little Man by voice, you can control the playing of music, inquire about weather, and inquire about Encyclopedia information and all kinds.

Based on Rokid platform, JBL music castle can also control the voice of household products. There are hundreds of accessible intelligent systems and thousands of related devices, which can realize the connection with most intelligent devices.


—— NationalChip Inside ——

In order to realize many arithmetic functions, the powerful computing power of JBL music Castle comes from the strong support of dual engines of DSP and NPU in GX8010 AI chips. DSP processor can process speech signal efficiently, and gxNPU Neural Network Processor is responsible for in-depth learning and computing to achieve efficient interactive experience.


It is believed that JBL TOWER SMART will be the best choice for music enthusiasts. At present, the flagship store of Tianmao has been officially put on the shelf, with a starting price of RMB 1179. If you have a heart attack, act quickly!